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I am overly fond of BabbaCo! Not only are the boxes delivered to my door, but they contained learning using various mediums and plenty of supplies. I love this because being a social media manager, I use a lot of resources for my job. So it is only natural that I would have my children do the same thing! I have a 2, 4, 6, and 8 year old and each one of them was able to participate in our BabbaBox! Thumbs up for this great internet company!


I’m originally from Los Angeles and I now live in Baltimore. Ironically, I find it difficult to get high-quality natural and organic foods here in Baltimore, even though I grew up in a neighborhood with at least 3 organic grocery stores and shops. Since I couldn’t find the natural foods I was looking for, I decided to go online and search for a service that would deliver organic foods to my door step every month. I found Yumvelope a couple months ago, and I’d say I’ve been pleased with the service, not overwhelmed. For about $25 a month, I get 6 products delivered to me every month. It’s a little pricey for what you get, but I’m just glad I’ve found a service that will deliver natural and organic products to me.


For all you natural food lovers out there, Yumvelope is your solution. Starting at $21/month, Yumevelope sends you all-natural food products. Every month, you get a minimum of 6 full-sized products and each package includes at least a drink, snack, and a chocolate. I’ve been using this service for 4 months now, and I just got my brother to subscribe too. We are both big fans and are very glad we found Yumevlope to satisfy our natural food needs.
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